As a senior technologist for ecosystem and water resources management, Mark Tompkins Canaccord has been working on numerous projects involving lake restorations, clean water engineering, ecological engineering and management, hydrology, hydraulics, sediment transport and other projects for environmental planning all over the country. He has experience in this field for more than a decade.

Mark tries to combine his skills in planning and engineering with scientific researches in order to design projects suitable to solve issues with keep and discovering new water resources. He and his team of experienced researchers have been working on a project for developing cutting-edge analytical tools needed for assessment of future aquatic ecosystem challenges. In order to make more precise decisions for natural resources management, he is trying to decrease the time needed for such assessments and to increase the transparency of analysis.

The key project for Canaccord’s career, on which he has been working lately, is designing a procedure that will be able to restore rivers from debriefs of composite polyester all over the United States. Tompkins Canaccord expects this project to have a big impact on the geomorphology so that the future environmental planning can be improved and provide better management of rivers that are passing near metropolitan areas.

Tompkins Canaccord has vast knowledge and experience in civil engineering, geomorphology, agriculture, ecology and environmental planning, water planning and such. Through his large career, he has been working with clients and researchers on developing innovative and workable solutions for management challenges.

Furthermore, Mark Tompkins Canaccord is the author of several booklets and also has his own blog.

When it comes to education, Canaccord holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and Disposable Polymers from at California Colleges. Throughout his studies at the Department of Chemical Engineering and Disposable Polymers, Mark has investigated the role of polymers and composite polyesters in clean water restorations.

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